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AG Insurance    
Fixed rate reset subordinated notes 2015 -2047 BE6277215545 PDF  
Fixed-to Floating Rate Callable Subordinated Notes 2013-2044, 5,25%, € 450 mln BE6261254013 PDF
Ageasfinlux S.A.    
“Ageasfinlux S.A. issued, together with ageas N.V. and ageas SA/NV as co-obligors, EUR 1,25 billion undated Floating Rate Equity-linked Subordinated Hybrid ("FRESH") Capital Securities which are exchangeable into Ageas shares, at an interest rate of three-month EURIBOR plus 1,35%. Pursuant to the merger between ageas SA/NV and ageas N.V. and the reverse stock split which was carried out on the ageas SA/NV shares resulting from the merger, the exchange price of the securities is adjusted to EUR 315 per underlying share as of 7 August 2012”. XS0147484074
Ageas SA/NV    

“Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes due July 2049"

BE0002644251 PDF
“Perpetual Subordinated Fixed Rate Resettable Temporary Write-Down Restricted Tier 1 Notes” BE6317598850 PDF
"Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes due November 2051" BE6325355822 PDF